Month: September 2017

Ben’s Chili Bowl Spicy Half Smokes: The latest and greatest Ben’s release

Throughout the last 59 years Ben’s Chili Bowl has provided the Washington, D.C. area with the best chili and sausages around. Now, with the release of Ben’s Spicy Half Smokes, in collaboration with Logan’s Sausage company, the legacy of Ben’s continues to grow.

Logan’s Sausage Company Joins The Ben’s Family

Founded by Cliff and Bonnie Logan in 1987, Logan’s Sausage company quickly developed into a Washington, D.C. favorite. With authentic Chorizos, Kielbasa, Andouille, Bratwurst and more, the quality became well known.

Over the last six years, Kevin Logan grew to know the Ben’s Chili Bowl family and recognized their long history in the community and the similarities between the two family owned and operated companies.

“The relationship with Ben’s has truly been unique and very special. We’ve worked very closely to design a product that they are happy with over the course of the past year. I almost feel like an honorary family member.  That’s what the culture is like at Ben’s…Family.  I  can totally relate to that because we run Logan’s Sausage like a family as well. To be a part of their legacy is an amazing feeling.  I am truly proud that the Ali family is happy with the work we have done for them.  It makes us feel special that we are a part of their success.”

This newest addition to the line of Ben’s Chili Bowl products marks an exciting addition to the histories of both Ben’s and Logan’s.

Hope You Like It Hot! 

Based on the original recipe made of half beef and half pork, then smoked in a special smoking chamber for over four hours, Ben’s new spicy version uses the same process but seasoned with a new combination of spices to make it hotter and spicier than ever before. Ben’s founder, Ben Ali was born in Trinidad and in Trinidad they like it Hot, Hot, Hot!  Double the spice in your life with Ben’s New Spicy Half Smoke which like the original comes topped with mustard, diced onions, and Ben’s secret recipe spicy homemade chili sauce.

The Spicy Half Smoke is only available for a limited time so get to your nearest Ben’s Chili Bowl or go online to order and taste the newest hot favorite from Ben’s!