Month: June 2016

Justice for All: The GDS Panda Project Commissioned by Ben’s Chili Bowl

You’re Invited!

Event: Unveiling of the Panda

Place: Ben’s Chili Bowl – Reagan National Airport  (Pre-Security – B/C Terminal)

Date: Saturday, June 11th

Time: 3:00PM

The 250 pound panda – commissioned by Ben’s Chili Bowl and painted by 15 Georgetown Day School art students – will serve as a Mascot-Ambassador to welcome and entertain guests in front of the new Ben’s Chili Bowl location at Reagan National Airport.

Students chose to paint a central theme of social justice through a visual vocabulary and a vivid palette inspired by the counterculture activism of 70’s artist Peter Max.

The base of the sculpture features Washington, DC iconic monuments that also represent our country’s struggle for social justice. For example, students painted the Martin Luther King, Jr. monument to sit as it does on the National Mall, in a line of sight with the Lincoln and Jefferson monuments, to represent their connection to the ongoing legacy of human rights. Other national monuments in rainbow colors celebrate equality and justice for all, including our nation’s recent victories for LGBTQ rights. Monarch butterflies flutter from the US Capital Building in support of immigration reform. The morning sun connects the historic monuments to a new day for social justice by a new generation.

The project echoes a 2004 PandaMania art exhibition that showcased 150 artist-created sculptures of “unexpected pandas in everyday places” around Washington, DC. After this week, you may visit the panda at National Airport in front of Ben’s Chili Bowl. (No boarding pass required, as the restaurant is pre-security).

Georgetown Day School Artists

Michael Avery  ‘15
Caitlin Greenhill Caldera  ‘10
Michelle Cobb
Jazzmin Cox-Cáceres  ‘19
Bryce Delaney  ‘16
Devon Gunter ‘16
Will McCormick  ‘17
Mai-Han Nguyen  ‘17
Elena Pastreich  ‘17
Maya Rinehart  ‘16
Josh Shelton  ‘17
Lexi von Friedeburg  ‘16
Savannah Wade  ‘17
Kati Yewell  ‘15
Julia Smith

Original concept by Michelle Rene’ Cobb & Adrian Loving

Georgetown Day School
Justice for All, 2015
Plaster Sculpture, with Acrylic Paint

Commissioned by Ben’s Chili Bowl

For additional information, please contact Vida Ali at or (310) 859-4730.