Month: March 2013

Catch The Bowl on “Top Billing”

We’re so thrilled to have been featured on the March 19th episode of the South African TV show Top Billing! Skip ahead to the 8:17 mark to see us in action and be sure to share this video with family and friends so they’ll get to see some of the lesser known parts of our great city. Special thanks to Jonathan and the entire Top Billing crew for making this happen.

Customer Testimonial – Sherando High School

From time to time we’d like to share your feedback on our blog. Here’s a recent email we received from some high school visitors. We’d like to thank them for coming out to Ben’s – we hope to see you again soon!

“Thank you and your staff for being such wonderful hosts to Sherando High School on February 12. In particular, we’d like to thank Maurice for his lively, friendly, and informative efforts in making our visit to Ben’s something to remember. We trust that you guys recognize his talents because many of our staff were commenting on what a great teacher he would be. Because of him, as many of our students said, our visit to Ben’s Chili Bowl was more enjoyable than our tour of the White House!

Hopefully, we will be able to make an annual trip to visit your delightful restaurant and even if that’s the case, it won’t come soon enough!

So again, on behalf of everyone from Sherando High School in Stephens City, VA, it is with sincere appreciation and gratitude, that I say thank you.”

We Are In A Growth Mode!

After 55 years of doing what we love at 1213 U Street, the family feels like its time to grow. We have been blessed with so much love and support from you, Bill Cosby, President Obama and hundreds of thousands of others, we feel like we have a duty and responsibility to take Ben’s as farther. In doing so we can provide more jobs, give back to the community in a greater way and do more service. Our goal is that future Ben’s Chili Bowl’s become their neighborhood anchors and gathering places like our beloved original store on U St.

To this end we have purchased a building at 1001 H Street NE. H Street has a similar history in our city as U St and is becoming what U St has become. It seemed a logical choice to have our second Ben’s Chili Bowl there. And as you are reading our blog on our brand new website, we will always try to give you the inside scoop on what we are up to. Soooooo…… The building on H Street will be two stories as it is now but with higher ceilings and will house a Ben’s Chili Bowl on the first level and a concept similar to Ben’s Next Door on the second floor complete with a fabulous roof deck! We hope to open by the end of the year. That’s all we can say for now but we are really excited about it.

As part of our growth we desperately needed to clean up and update our website. We contracted with iStrategyLabs and this amazing site is the result. I think they really captured the essence of Ben’s while bringing us subtlety into the 21st century, hence this blog! Also we really wanted our online store to show off our products better and make it easier for you to ship your favorite chili, half-smokes and cool clothing to your friends and family all over the US. We have such cool stuff there and our catalogue is growing weekly so we needed a better platform to get the word out.

So keep your eye on this blog, “like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to find out the latest happenings with Ben’s. And look for us coming to a neighborhood near you!H Street future location

Welcome to the new!

It’s here!  We at Ben’s Chili Bowl are thrilled to announce our launch of the new and improved  We’ve completely revamped and reorganize our site, making it easier for you to find the information you need while telling the unique story of Ben’s as only we can.

Our complete menu is now available online and we think you’ll agree that the mouth-watering pictures (with more to come soon!) will have you wanting to stop by again and again.  And for our first-timers, out-of-town guests, and group visits it’s now easier than ever to get all of the information you need in one place.

We invite you to take some time to explore the site (we’re especially fond of the historical timeline) and check out the online store, where you’ll find many of Ben’s signature dishes available for preparation in your own home.  As Ben’s expands and grows, one thing will never change: our commitment to our community and our customers to provide the best possible experience, both in person and now, online.  From our family to yours, welcome to the new!